Chris Oke


Accident on Two Mile Hill creates jam Gridlock traffic greeted many Whitehorse residents on their drive home from work Thursday afternoon.

Too soon for Porter Creek condo: council

Council voted against a 25-unit condominium for seniors on Monday night. The owners of three lots on the corner of Dogwood Street and Wann Road in…

Assessment board approves another lease on trapline

Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation is experiencing déjà vu. Even while the First Nation fought a landmark court case against an…

Bill C 51 threatens local’s bipolar battle

Don Ellis is what doctors call noncompliant. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder over four years ago, the Whitehorse man has refused to take the…

Carcross gets a taste of Japanese home cooking

A young boy, barely tall enough to see over the counter, pushes some change through the window of the stand. He's not buying a coke, potato chips or a hotdog. He's come for his daily onigiri.

Dawson plan reaches first milestone

The Dawson Regional Planning Commission released its first report on Tuesday. The Interests and Issues Report is a preliminary record of the feedback it has received from governments and stakeholders so far.

Police assaulted during arrest

Two officers were attacked while making an arrest at Jake’s Corner on Thursday afternoon. Whitehorse RCMP received two complaints of a man…

Ending poverty starts at home

Imagine for a second what it must be like to live in extreme poverty. You likely have inadequate housing and find it hard to get a good night sleep. As a result you're a little slow - a little out of it.

Councillors postpone passing controversial bylaw

Council has deferred a decision on its Controlled Substance Properties Bylaw. On Monday, some councillors challenged the bylaw, which would allow…

WCB to name health and safety offenders

The average workers' compensation assessment rates will decrease by 15.6 per cent next year. The announcement last week received "a big thumbs-up" from both chambers of commerce.

Development costs soar at new subdivision

The cost of roadwork to accommodate the new Whitehorse Copper subdivision has increased more than 300 per cent. Upgrading the intersection at Mt.

Council rejects street closure

City council rejected a First Nations Arts Festival’s request for a closure of First Avenue on Monday night.

Former music store owner riffs on all that jazz

Costumer service was never lacking at Rose Music shop. There wasn’t much in the way of Top 40s though; the focus was on the finer things in…

Canadians enjoy ready access to all the science Conservatives approve of

Environment Canada is muzzling government scientists. On January 31, the National Post reported the department had ordered scientists to refer all…

Local lends a helping hand in India and Nepal

Liesel Briggs held on tight as the scooter she was riding swung off the monsoon-drenched road and into the ditch. A truck had pulled out to pass another vehicle and had run Briggs and her friend off the road.

Union steps in for government

After four years of boil-water advisories and E. coli scares, Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation is getting some help from an unlikely source.

Little home, big idea

Retired empty-nesters aren't the only ones downsizing their homes these days. Just ask Laird Herbert. He's building a house for himself that's only slightly bigger than a garden shed.

Yukon disconnected

Don’t bother calling Northwestel to report problems with your internet, you’ll only hear a recording.

Emergency response team talks man out of his barricaded apartment

On Thursday, RCMP charged a man who barricaded himself inside a McIntyre apartment block. RCMP received a report of an assault in the McIntyre…

Woman sexually assaulted in break and enter

A woman was sexually assaulted when a man broke into her Ibex Valley home early Tuesday morning. The 51-year-old woman was alone at the residence.