Ashley Joannou

Former federal prison watchdog comes to Whitehorse to talk jail reform

The country’s former prison watchdog is in Whitehorse this week to discuss the work he’s done in Ontario to help improve the jail system there.

Feds to study options for carbon tax in the North

Premier Sandy Silver said this week Ottawa will be looking at the impact of a carbon tax on the North and consider “sector-specific” concerns for the territories.

The Yukon Arts Centre turns 25

In the early days, coming to put on a show in Whitehorse involved a few sacrifices from the performers. Take for example, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and its concert circa 1985.

Opioid money not part of federal health deal: Health Canada

Health Canada says money given to Alberta and British Columbia to help with the opioid crisis was separate from the federal health deals signed by most jurisdictions, including Yukon.

Liberals say they’re still committed to paving Dawson’s runway

The Yukon government says it still intends to pave the Dawson City runway a day after its resolve appeared a little less certain.

Yukon government considers cracking down on campsite ‘holds’

The Yukon government is considering stepping in to stop campers from laying claim to campsites days before they actually intend to stay there.

Coroner identifies second body found in the Yukon River

Yukon’s coroner has identified the second body pulled from the Yukon River May 7.

Sinking into permafrost, Ross River School needs more repairs

Engineers are recommending that the Ross River School be relevelled again, just two years after a round of major repairs.

Government announces members of election boundaries commission

A new commission will review, and possibly suggest changes to, the territory’s election ridings.

Coroner links five Yukon deaths to fentanyl

Updated: Yukon’s coroner has been able to confirm five deaths in a little more than a year related to fentanyl, the deadly drug that killed nearly 600 people in British Columbia last year.

YG says Stewart Keno transmission line a ‘priority’

The Yukon government says it’s still trying to secure federal money for an $75-million transmission line from Stewart Crossing to Keno City.

NDP’s White presses Streicker on minimum wage review

What at one point looked like an automatic review of Yukon’s minimum wage will now be up to the government to decide.

Spring sitting to wrap up June 13

The spring sitting of the legislative assembly is set to end June 13.

No innovation fund until next year: YG

The government’s plans to create a $10 million fund for economic diversification and innovation won’t happen until next year, according to the minister of economic development.

Parties spar over YG deficit projections, maintenance costs

The official Opposition spent much of the last few days slamming the government over its budget and the possibility of deficits and net debt in the future.

Hanson stays on as NDP leader, YP defers leadership discussions until next year

Liz Hanson will continue to lead the Yukon NDP and Stacey Hassard will stay on as interim Yukon Party leader for now.

Silver serves up tiny surplus but predicts future deficits

Premier Sandy Silver tabled a $1.44-billion budget for 2017-18 and managed to avoid running a deficit, albeit by a thin margin.

Yukon health and wellness conference highlights local fitness industry

Yukon’s most fit and those hoping to get shredded will be sweating and learning in the Whitehorse Westmark hotel next month.

National Aboriginal Day set to become stat holiday

The Yukon is set to become only the second jurisdiction in Canada to recognize National Aboriginal Day as a statutory holiday.

Challenge pitches supportive housing units on Main Street vacant lot

Challenge Disability Resource Group has put a deposit on land for what could be the Yukon’s first multi-unit building offering a combination of affordable rentals and supportive living.